Vagina Postcards, 2009

I was inspired to make this series of photos by some of the research I did while writing YOU KNOW THIS GIRL. I have the good fortune to be close friends with the brilliant artist Katharine T. Jacobs. I told her my idea and what you see here is our collaboration. The series isn't, by definition, a companion piece to the play but I'd say that they're related. One begat the other.

I've included some suggested greetings to accompany the postcards. I believe you'll agree that my vagina is extremely versatile and perfect for all occassions!


Painting and photography: Katharine T. Jacobs

Vagina: Yours truly



FRIENDSHIP: "You Light up my life."



PREGNANCY: Remember - smoking during pregnancy
can harm your baby.



VALENTINE'S DAY: "I love fucking love you."
BREAK-UP: "You broke my heart, you fucking cunt."




THANKSGIVING: "You know what I'm thankful for." [There is an endless amount of gravy jokes which can be made here as well. Depends on who is getting the card but they're there.]



HANUKKAH: "Finally, a Hanukkah card that can hold (nine) candles to anthing Kwanza has to offer.
CHANUKAH: "Get the gimel, get my pot."
FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS: "Shin, shin - put one in."



DECEMBER 25th: "Merry. Fucking. Christmas."




"íViva vagina!"