Courtney is proud to be participating in the Five Year Anniversary Edition of "No, YOU Tell It!" on Wednesday May 17, 2017 at Jimmy's No. 43 (43 E 7th St, NYC) with Gabriel Berezin, Ariel Mahler, and Molly Touger. This show's theme: Blowback.

No, YOU Tell It! is a nonfiction reading series dedicated to performing true-life tales with a twist: Each participant develops their own story on the page and then flips scripts with a partner to present each other’s story on stage. A hybrid of a literary series and storytelling show, No, YOU Tell It! blends the collaborative process of creative writing workshops with the intimacy and immediacy of theatrical performance to create a charged evening of personal stories.

For each show, the NYTI team — Kelly Jean Fitzsimmons, Erika Iverson, and Mike Dressel — works with a group of four storytellers as they workshop pieces based around a theme. Switching the stories gives everyone involved the opportunity to both develop their story on the page and then watch as it is performed on stage by their partner.




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